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Based in Taipei, Taiwan, founded in June 1994, Asiamajor Inc. markets award-winning, digital video application products for multimedia users, video professionals and enthusiasts, and positions itself as a video communication expert. Asiamajor's V-Gear and 3DBANK products combine innovative hardware and software designs to set new standards in performance, functionality and reliability. Asiamajor is passionately committed to fulfilling its mission - creating the most convenient gears of video communication tools, and that also makes what “V-Gear” brand name stands for. Years from established, we have assembled a world-class engineering team to invent the fundamental technology required to achieve this goal.

With the explosive growth of digital media and Internet broadband, the video communication market is expanding dramatically. Asiamajor is the company with integrated expertise in video processing, network software engineering and storage devices. These capabilities confer great advantage on us, and underline our confidence that we can create many and diverse products for the growing digital media market, and so achieve sustained growth and maximized corporate value.

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