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In 1994, TerraTec Electronic was founded by Walter Grieger and Heiko Meertz as a two-man business in Nettetal, a quiet little town on the left bank of the lower Rhine river. Only a few years later, the company had become the largest German manufacturer of sound cards in terms of sales volume and one of the leading multimedia brands in Europe. The typical garage story Not quite, be-cause even 8 years after TerraTec's first sound card hit the market, the company is not focused on short-term gains on the stock market, but on producing state-of-the-art gear to delight musicians and gamers alike.

The company has continuously expanded its product range, which now includes professional audio systems and sound cards, webcams, video, graphics and TV cards, as well as home networking, mp3 and digital radio consumer products. TerraTec has demonstrated its innovative potential with the established "EWS Technology" and "4G Sound" standards.

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