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Princeton Digital (USA) Corp., a privately held corporation founded in 1981, holds a distinguished record in the display market with its many technological firsts, including the first color display manufactured in the early 80?s to support the original IBM PC platform. While others in the industry were still manufacturing monitors with TV-grade CRT's, Princeton developed the display category by introducing monitors with advanced color tubes, ushering in the first high resolution color displays.

In 1982 Princeton introduced the amber monochrome monitor, followed by the industry-leading Princeton color VGA monitor, the world's first dual frequency display. The next generation of Princeton monitors were multi-frequency, allowing for a continuous range of horizontal frequencies as opposed to multiple single frequencies, enhancing compatibility and performance. Again, Princeton?s multi-frequency monitors were shipped to market first, prior to the release of other major multi-frequency or "multisync" style monitors.

The Arcadia? Series was introduced in 1997 as the first, large screen PC/TV convergence display capable of showing images from both analog (VCR, TV, video camera) and digital (PC, DVD, digital camera) sources. Now the line has been upgraded to offer stunning HDTV programming in its native form.

In 1998, Princeton launched the digital display revolution with the first direct digital flat panel display, the DPP 500 ? at prices below $1,000 ? which included a bundled graphic card with the new digital industry standard connector.

Most recently, Princeton introduced the All Format? HDTV that is the first 30-inch direct view 16:9 aspect ratio monitor to display all HDTV formats. This new monitor, the AF3.0HD, has become the reference standard for professionals and editors alike. It is also the first display to win editorial product of the year awards from both the home theatre and broadcast video worlds.

Beyond its record of firsts in the display marketplace, Princeton emphasizes product quality, service and reliability with a commitment to customer satisfaction and value.

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