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Pretec Electronics Corporation (USA) is founded in 1993 with the vision of providing innovative and quality products to the mobile computing, consumer and industrial embedded system markets. Pretec designs, manufactures and markets the industry first solution for connecting Windows powered Pocket PC to the Internet Services Provider allowing mobile users to easily access e-mails from anywhere in the world within the conveniences of their handheld/Pocket PC.  Continuing its leadership in providing access solutions for mobile PC users worldwide, Pretec constantly expand its product lines unmatched by competitors include the  SDIO Card Product line, CompactIO Card Product Line (for Windows CE), Solid-State Flash Memory Storage Product Line and Digital Imaging Product Line.  Over the years, Pretec has successfully brought to both industrial and commercial markets numerous CompactIO cards, Flash PC Cards, and Digital Imaging products enabling users around the world to expand the functionalities, and add features such as connectivity, or multi-media capabilities to their applications.

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