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OLITEC is a leading designer and manufacturer of modems and communication software. In 1998 OLITEC manufactured a total of 805,000 modems in their own production facilities in Nancy, France. Total turnover in 1999 amounted to 318 159 492 French francs.

In France, OLITEC, which was founded in 1985, holds a very strong market position with a share of 42,8 % (according to a study of market researchers IDC). This leading market position and the technological innovation were the key factors for OLITEC's success, putting OLITEC in a powerful position to launch business activities into further countries. Today, OLITEC is active in America, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, in Switzerland and Belgium, creating and underlining its reputation as a supplier of an innovative, economically-priced wide range of products.

For the past 10 years, OLITEC and its engineers have been in full control of the design and manufacturing of the company's telecommunication products. Olitec is the only French manufacturer to develop its telecommunication and fax software in-house.

Olitec has always been at the forefront of new technologies, with the launch of the first standalone modem in 1996, the launch of a new concept with the SmartMemory modem and SmartMedia card in 1998, and the design of the only cordless modem using DECT technology in 1999 - the WaveMemory.

Olitec boasts a strong presence on the integration market and will be reinforcing its position with the arrival of ADSL.

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