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LiteOn Technology
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In our vision, Lite-On will be a world-class excellent company, not only leading the global technique of manufacture but also becoming one of the top ten foremost enterprises that are respected by people in greater China Area. Lite-On will be the representative of quality and eminency.

To become the navigator of Digital Convergence and a world-class excellent company, the criteria is to bring in more than 4~5 billion US dollars in the annual revenue and the corporation's requisition of industrial mastery must be the best in global market position, and its ability to reap profit can guide industrial circles. Furthermore, the management of the corporation will insist on absolute transparency, independence, and impartiality.

By way of giving people better lives, Lite-On will keep on innovating its digital product and service and become the navigator in Digital Convergence. Lite-On will continue to furnish customers with innovative values and become the best partner of them.
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