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HiTeC DIGITAL AUDIO, Inc. Offer Products:

soundcards and extensions for consumer audio market:

  • HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1 GOLD / Dolby Digital Live. 8-speakers based soundcard with C-Media CMI8768/PCI-8ch+ PCI chipset and digital I/O - perfectly optimized for your home theater applications.
  • DIGITAL I/O EXTENSIONS for SoundBlaster series. Device Control AudioHQ panel enabled Digital Input tab by connection of HDA-X510 Digital I/O board.

other HiTeC DIGITAL AUDIO, Inc. products:

HiTeC DIGITAL AUDIO, Inc. also develops and produces a number of other products for the domestic Korean market, for OEM customers and for other special markets in Asia from the following areas:

  • standalone DD/DTS decorder for home theater and HiFi applications
  • PC and HiFi amplifiers (Hitec brand and for OEM customers)
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