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The steps ahead for KYE are significant and the strength of our product innovation will lead us in the right direction. As the world becomes more interconnected, so does KYE by providing the latest products to continue the IT advancement into the future.

This will be a very important year for us because the IT industry is facing tremendous changes. Therefore to remain a leader in this field, it is essential we continue to innovate constantly and maintain close partnership with our customers, as this will elevate the cooperation value between us.

We've expanded our business model last year and not only enhanced our brand name, but also increased our OEM business. Known globally for our excellent quality in computer peripherals, networking, communication and image&video products, KYE is now focusing on providing high quality wireless, and Internet products, to create a more convenient wireless environment.

With all these new technology offerings, we expect this year to be very promising year as it will also be for our customers.
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