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AVM products connect the PC to ISDN and ADSL to permit fast Internet connections and economical telephone service. For wireless links, the Berlin communications specialist exploits both Bluetooth and WLAN wireless technologies. For Internet telephony, or "Voice over IP", users connect their existing telephones to AVM products.

In addition to its applications for the professional sector, AVM's FRITZ! family of products is extremely popular. All FRITZ! products are complete hardware and software solutions developed by AVM. Available as internal cards, USB adapters and PBX systems, the FRITZ! products undergo continuing development, providing true added value. FRITZ! products have received many awards in the IT press, commending both their ease of use and the high security standards they fulfill from the word go.

Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM earned sales of 150 million in 2003 with 460 employees.

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