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Allied Telesyn
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Founded with the goal of producing reliable, standards-based networking products, Allied Telesyn bridges the gap left by other Ethernet networking manufacturers, whose solutions are limited in scope or cost-prohibitive.

Taking cues directly from our customers and leveraging our global manufacturing competencies, we've evolved a market-focused approach to system development. We concentrate on battle-tested, end-to-end solutions for vertical market applications—rather than the scattershot, company-focused approach many of our competitors use.

By focusing on end-to-end, purpose-built applications, and rigorously testing systems in our worldwide design and support centers, we create solutions for the access edge that are both customized and plug-and-play. This ideal combination helps our customers keep costs low, speed network deployment and maximize network uptime.

Our customer-driven approach—combined with a pragmatic, value-based pricing scheme and a superlative service organization—has made Allied Telesyn the ideal solution for cost-conscious IT professionals who want high-quality, feature-rich network solutions at a lower price

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