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18 Apr 2007
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Digital Camera Firmware
SIGMA Digital Camera SD14 Firmware 1.01.

SIGMA Digital Camera SD14 Firmware 1.01:

  • Sensor cleaning can now be done by powering the camera from the battery.
  • Originally, sensor cleaning was only available through the dedicated AC adapter.
  • If the voltage level of the battery becomes lower than a certain level, the camera will emit a warning beep and will close the cleaning mode. We strongly recommend using a fully charged battery for the sensor cleaning.
  • If using the camera in 'A' mode with flash photography, the selected shutter speed would either be 1/60 or 1/180sec depending on the focal length.
  • Now, the optimum shutter speed is selected from the range of 1/60 to 1/180sec.
  • A slow sync mode has now been added if using the camera in 'A' mode with flash photography. The optimum shutter speed is selected from a range of 30sec to 1/180sec.
  • Improved image quality when reviewing images on the rear LCD.
  • Corrects the overexposure issue when using flash with high ISO setting under certain conditions.
  • Corrects the incompatibility issue with some FAT16 formated large CF cards.
  • Corrects the phenomenon of the intermittent camera freeze under certain conditions.
  • Corrects the malfunction of wireless flash with built-in flash under certain conditions.
  • Corrects the phenomenon that did not save the AdobeRGB setting when changed from sRGB. This was the bug in the menu display.
  • Corrects the phenomenon that the LCD flickered under certain conditions.
  • Corrects terminology in the Korean menu.

    Confirm firmware Version:

  • Turn on camera power
  • Press the MENU button on the back of the camera to display the Camera Set-up Menu.
  • Select "Firmware" from the Set-up Menu.
  • Press the OK button to open sub menu and select "Current version".
  • The installed firmware information is displayed. If the version information is "Ver.1.00", it is necessary to update to this new firmware version.

    Firmware update steps:

  • Please use 256MB or larger CF card and format the card in the camera body. To avoid loss of your important data, please check the CF card before formatting.
  • Please connect CF card reader or SD14 to your computer and click the Download button or right click on the mouse (if you use a Macintosh computer, please press Control + click) to store the firmware file in the CF card root directory (Please do not store in subfolder such as "DCIM" or "IMAGES"). If the firmware is downloaded whilst the camera is connected to your computer, please turn off your camera before disconnecting it from your computer.
  • Insert the CF card containing the firmware into your camera and turn on the SD14. (It is not necessary to connect the camera body to your computer.)
  • Press the MENU button on the back of the camera to display the Camera Set-up Menu.
  • Select "Firmware" from Set-Up Menu.
  • Press the OK button to open the sub menu and select "Firm update". The Following message is displayed.
  • Press the OK button again to start the firmware update. (It takes about two minutes to update.)
  • When "Firmware update is completed" is displayed, the update has finished. Please do not operate the camera until "Firmware update is completed" is displayed.
  • Select "Firmware" from the Set-up Menu and confirm the firmware is updated to "Ver.1.01" with "Current version". If "Ver.1.01" is displayed, the update is complete.
  • If "Firmware update has failed!" is displayed during firmware update, please carry out the above installation again. If the update continues to fail, please visit the following technical support page for our World Network contact details. World Network:
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