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ASUS Modem Driver

OS: Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
Version: 6.12.04
File Size:
Release: 22 Apr 2008
Update: 22 Apr 2008
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Brand:ASUS, Product:Notebook, Model: A8 A8Jr, Driver: 6.12.04, OS: Windows Vista 32bit/64bit. Asus notebook A8 A8Js Modem Driver 6.12.04 Windows Vista 32bit/64bit was collected from ASUS official site for ASUS Notebook. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from ASUS are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my ASUS page.
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Files in Driver Package
32KXP/amd64/License.htm 35.3Kb
42KXP/amd64/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
52KXP/amd64/sm56.reg 299Kb
62KXP/amd64/sm56brz.dll 55.5Kb
72KXP/amd64/sm56chs.dll 42Kb
82KXP/amd64/sm56cht.dll 41.5Kb
92KXP/amd64/sm56co6a.dll 219.5Kb
102KXP/amd64/sm56dnk.dll 53.5Kb
112KXP/amd64/sm56eng.dll 60.5Kb
122KXP/amd64/sm56esp.dll 55Kb
132KXP/amd64/sm56fra.dll 54Kb
142KXP/amd64/sm56ger.dll 54Kb
152KXP/amd64/sm56hlpr.exe 961.5Kb
162KXP/amd64/sm56ita.dll 55Kb
172KXP/amd64/sm56jpn.dll 45.5Kb
182KXP/amd64/sm56kor.dll 44.5Kb
192KXP/amd64/smserial.sys 1.4Mb
202KXP/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
212KXP/si.ini 63b
222KXP/si32.exe 212Kb
232KXP/si64.exe 278.5Kb
242KXP/ 32.5Kb
252KXP/ 32.4Kb
262KXP/smserial.inf 77.9Kb
272KXP/ssetup.exe 48Kb
292KXP/x86/License.htm 35.3Kb
302KXP/x86/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
312KXP/x86/sm56.reg 299Kb
322KXP/x86/sm56brz.dll 64Kb
332KXP/x86/sm56chs.dll 52Kb
342KXP/x86/sm56cht.dll 52Kb
352KXP/x86/sm56co6a.dll 152Kb
362KXP/x86/sm56dnk.dll 64Kb
372KXP/x86/sm56eng.dll 68Kb
382KXP/x86/sm56esp.dll 64Kb
392KXP/x86/sm56fra.dll 64Kb
402KXP/x86/sm56ger.dll 64Kb
412KXP/x86/sm56hlpr.exe 712Kb
422KXP/x86/sm56ita.dll 64Kb
432KXP/x86/sm56jpn.dll 56Kb
442KXP/x86/sm56kor.dll 52Kb
452KXP/x86/SmSerial.sys 958.5Kb
46Readme.htm 148.4Kb
47si.ini 73b
48si32.exe 212Kb
49si64.exe 278.5Kb
50ssetup.exe 48Kb
53VISTA/amd64/License.htm 35.3Kb
54VISTA/amd64/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
55VISTA/amd64/sm56.reg 299Kb
56VISTA/amd64/sm56brz.dll 55.5Kb
57VISTA/amd64/sm56chs.dll 42Kb
58VISTA/amd64/sm56cht.dll 41.5Kb
59VISTA/amd64/sm56co6a.dll 219.5Kb
60VISTA/amd64/sm56dnk.dll 53.5Kb
61VISTA/amd64/sm56eng.dll 60.5Kb
62VISTA/amd64/sm56esp.dll 55Kb
63VISTA/amd64/sm56fra.dll 54Kb
64VISTA/amd64/sm56ger.dll 54Kb
65VISTA/amd64/sm56hlpr.exe 961.5Kb
66VISTA/amd64/sm56ita.dll 55Kb
67VISTA/amd64/sm56jpn.dll 45.5Kb
68VISTA/amd64/sm56kor.dll 44.5Kb
69VISTA/amd64/smserial.sys 1.4Mb
70VISTA/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
71VISTA/si.ini 63b
72VISTA/si32.exe 212Kb
73VISTA/si64.exe 278.5Kb
74VISTA/ 32.5Kb
75VISTA/ 32Kb
76VISTA/smserial.inf 78Kb
77VISTA/ssetup.exe 48Kb
79VISTA/x86/License.htm 35.3Kb
80VISTA/x86/Readme.htm 148.4Kb
81VISTA/x86/sm56.reg 299Kb
82VISTA/x86/sm56brz.dll 64Kb
83VISTA/x86/sm56chs.dll 52Kb
84VISTA/x86/sm56cht.dll 52Kb
85VISTA/x86/sm56co6a.dll 152Kb
86VISTA/x86/sm56dnk.dll 64Kb
87VISTA/x86/sm56eng.dll 68Kb
88VISTA/x86/sm56esp.dll 64Kb
89VISTA/x86/sm56fra.dll 64Kb
90VISTA/x86/sm56ger.dll 64Kb
91VISTA/x86/sm56hlpr.exe 712Kb
92VISTA/x86/sm56ita.dll 64Kb
93VISTA/x86/sm56jpn.dll 56Kb
94VISTA/x86/sm56kor.dll 52Kb
95VISTA/x86/SmSerial.sys 958.5Kb
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Driver Summary
Asus A8 notebook A8Js Modem Driver 6.12.04 Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
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