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VIA Graphics Driver

Category:Graphics and Video
OS: Windows XP x64
Version: 20.50.01b
File Size: 10.34 Mb
Release: 29 Nov 2007
Update: 4 Dec 2007
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Brand:VIA, Product:Graphics and Video, Model: K8M890CE Chrome9, Driver: 20.50.01b, OS: Windows XP x64. VIA K8M890CE Chrome9 Graphics Driver 20.50.01b Windows XP x64 was collected from VIA official site for VIA Graphics and Video. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from VIA are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my VIA page.
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Files in Driver Package
2wIShld/ 1.7Mb
3wIShld/data1.hdr 21.9Kb
4wIShld/ 512b
5wIShld/dc02i.inf 15.9Kb
6wIShld/ 459.2Kb
7wIShld/layout.bin 518b
8wIShld/S3Cfg3d.cfg 42.4Kb
9wIShld/s3cfg3d.dll 489Kb
10wIShld/S3CFGCHS.HLP 12.7Kb
11wIShld/S3CFGCHT.HLP 13Kb
12wIShld/S3CFGJPN.HLP 10.4Kb
13wIShld/S3CFGKOR.HLP 12.9Kb
15wIShld/S3CFGWS2.HLP 76.1Kb
16wIShld/S3CFGWST.HLP 106.7Kb
17wIShld/S3Displ2.cfg 55.3Kb
18wIShld/S3Displ3.cfg 50.8Kb
19wIShld/S3Disply.cfg 62Kb
20wIShld/s3disply.dll 772.5Kb
21wIShld/S3DSPCHS.HLP 21Kb
22wIShld/S3DSPCHT.HLP 22.2Kb
23wIShld/S3DSPJPN.HLP 22.3Kb
24wIShld/S3DSPKOR.HLP 23.5Kb
25wIShld/S3DSPTHA.HLP 18.9Kb
26wIShld/S3DSPWS2.HLP 166.4Kb
27wIShld/S3DSPWST.HLP 229.8Kb
28wIShld/ 39.1Kb
29wIShld/S3Gama_2.cfg 35.7Kb
30wIShld/S3Gamma2.cfg 49Kb
31wIShld/s3gamma2.dll 543Kb
32wIShld/S3gIGP.dll 3.6Mb
33wIShld/s3gIGPgl.dll 4.6Mb
34wIShld/s3gIGPgl32.dll 3.9Mb
35wIShld/S3gIGPm.sys 893Kb
36wIShld/S3GM2CHS.HLP 17.1Kb
37wIShld/S3GM2CHT.HLP 17Kb
38wIShld/S3GM2JPN.HLP 16.2Kb
39wIShld/S3GM2KOR.HLP 18.7Kb
40wIShld/S3GM2THA.HLP 18Kb
41wIShld/S3GM2WS2.HLP 102Kb
42wIShld/S3GM2WST.HLP 138.8Kb
43wIShld/S3IN2CHS.HLP 9.1Kb
44wIShld/S3IN2CHT.HLP 9.5Kb
45wIShld/S3IN2JPN.HLP 9.4Kb
46wIShld/S3IN2KOR.HLP 10Kb
47wIShld/S3IN2THA.HLP 7.9Kb
48wIShld/S3IN2WS2.HLP 46.9Kb
49wIShld/S3IN2WST.HLP 58.2Kb
50wIShld/s3info2.cfg 43Kb
51wIShld/s3info2.dll 356.5Kb
52wIShld/s3iscfg.dat 5Kb
53wIShld/s3iset32.dll 252Kb
54wIShld/S3iset32.txt 52.9Kb
55wIShld/s3iset64.dll 282Kb
56wIShld/s3minset.exe 251.5Kb
57wIShld/S3OVLCHS.HLP 10.3Kb
58wIShld/S3OVLCHT.HLP 10.3Kb
59wIShld/S3OVLJPN.HLP 10.1Kb
60wIShld/S3OVLKOR.HLP 11.1Kb
61wIShld/S3OVLTHA.HLP 8.5Kb
62wIShld/S3OVLWS2.HLP 48.4Kb
63wIShld/S3OVLWST.HLP 68.7Kb
64wIShld/s3ovrlay.cfg 57.9Kb
65wIShld/s3ovrlay.dll 587Kb
66wIShld/S3ovrly2.cfg 33.6Kb
67wIShld/S3TPCHS.HLP 14.4Kb
68wIShld/S3TPCHT.HLP 14.1Kb
69wIShld/S3TPJPN.HLP 13.3Kb
70wIShld/S3TPKOR.HLP 15.8Kb
71wIShld/S3TPTHA.HLP 10.8Kb
72wIShld/S3TPWS2.HLP 85.4Kb
73wIShld/S3TPWST.HLP 101.8Kb
74wIShld/S3Trayp.cfg 49.9Kb
75wIShld/s3trayp.exe 238Kb
76wIShld/S3Trayp2.cfg 36.3Kb
77wIShld/setup.exe 116Kb
78wIShld/setup.ibt 453.9Kb
79wIShld/setup.ini 673b
80wIShld/setup.inx 223.4Kb
81wIShld/setup.iss 556b
82wIShld/VTTimer.exe 70.5Kb
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Driver Summary
VIA K8M890CE/K8N890CE Chrome9 Integrated Graphics Driver 20.50.01b Windows XP x64. This package contains a logod driver for the K8M890/CE and K8N890/CE integrated chipset for Microsoft Windows XP x64.
Driver Support Models
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