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VIA Driver

Category:Audio and Sound
OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/DOS
Version: 6.70b
File Size: 6.24 Mb
Release: 18 Sep 2006
Update: 20 Nov 2006
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Brand:VIA, Product:Audio and Sound, Model: AC97 Vinyl Stylus Audio Combo, Driver: 6.70b, OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/DOS. VIA AC97 Vinyl Stylus Audio Combo Driver 6.70b Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/DOS was collected from VIA official site for VIA Audio and Sound. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from VIA are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my VIA page.
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Files in Driver Package
2A1u670b/0X0409.INI 4Kb
3A1u670b/165x300.bmp 145.4Kb
4A1u670b/500x60.bmp 87.9Kb
5A1u670b/asia.slf 35.4Kb
6A1u670b/english.slf 6.5Kb
7A1u670b/europe1.slf 59.1Kb
8A1u670b/europe2.slf 48.7Kb
9A1u670b/europe3.slf 49.8Kb
10A1u670b/europe4.slf 26.5Kb
11A1u670b/INSTMSIA.EXE 1.6Mb
12A1u670b/INSTMSIW.EXE 1.7Mb
13A1u670b/ISSCRIPT.MSI 619Kb
14A1u670b/LICENSE.MLF 2.7Kb
15A1u670b/PCIENUM.SYS 275.1Kb
16A1u670b/Platform.msi 2.6Mb
17A1u670b/Readme.htm 103.6Kb
18A1u670b/SETUP.EXE 212Kb
19A1u670b/Setup.ini 1.1Kb
20A1u670b/SETUP.MLF 213Kb
21A1u670b/SETUP.SCF 591b
22A1u670b/viasetup.dll 104Kb
23A1u670b/VIAUDIO.INI 231b
25A1u670b/Vinyl/Component.cif 1.7Kb
27A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ADeck.exe 528Kb
28A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ADeck.ico 8.6Kb
29A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ADeck.ini 19.5Kb
30A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ADeck.lnk 805b
31A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ADECKLIB.dll 40Kb
32A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/OemBmpCp.ini 356b
33A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/Skin.bmp 4.5Mb
34A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/ST.WAV 85.5Kb
35A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/String.ini 3.8Kb
36A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/String1.ini 3.8Kb
37A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/vpatch.exe 475Kb
38A1u670b/Vinyl/CPL/vpatch.ini 399b
41A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/AMD64/ 15.1Kb
42A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/AMD64/Vinyl97.inf 38.2Kb
43A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/AMD64/vinyl97.sys 263Kb
44A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/AMD64/Vinyl971.inf 40.7Kb
45A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/AMD64/VinylCmp.inf 37.2Kb
47A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/WDM/Vinyl97.inf 38.2Kb
48A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/WDM/vinyl97.sys 199.9Kb
49A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/WDM/Vinyl971.inf 56.3Kb
50A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/WDM/Vinyl972.inf 55.8Kb
51A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/WDM/VinylCmp.inf 37.9Kb
53A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/ 64.6Kb
54A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/Vinyl97.inf 38.2Kb
55A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/vinyl97.sys 199.9Kb
56A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/Vinyl971.inf 56.5Kb
57A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/Vinyl972.inf 55.9Kb
58A1u670b/Vinyl/drivers/XPWDM/VinylCmp.inf 37.9Kb
60A1u670b/Vinyl/IniFiles/MixNamMd.ini 1.7Kb
61A1u670b/Vinyl/IniFiles/REGDEF00.INI 598b
62A1u670b/Vinyl/IniFiles/SIDRFILE.INI 109b
63A1u670b/Vinyl/InsVinyl.exe 28.5Kb
64A1u670b/Vinyl/VinylDrv9x.dll 72Kb
65A1u670b/Vinyl/VinylDrvNT5.dll 76Kb
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Driver Summary
VIA AC97 Vinyl Stylus Audio Combo Driver 6.70b Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/DOS.

use with the following Products:

  • VIA AC97 codec incorporated into VT82C686A/B South Bridges ( VT82C686A VT82C686B )
  • VIA AC97 codecs incorporated into VT8233, VT8233A, VT8233C, VT8235 and VT8237/R South Bridges ( VT8237 VT8235 VT8233/A/C VT8235CE VT8233/VT8233A/VT8233B/VT8235/VT8237 VT1612A )
  • VIA Vinyl audio codecs: VT1612A VT1613 VT1616 VT1617 VT1618 ( VT1616 VT1612A VT1617 VT1613 )
  • VIA AC97 codec incorporated into VT8231 South Bridge ( VT8231 )
  • VIA AC97 codec incorporated into VT8251 South Bridge ( VT8251 )

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95, DOS, Windows 98SE, Windows 98

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