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Elo TouchSystems Monitor Driver USB/Serial

Vendor:Elo TouchSystems
OS: Linux
File Size: 159 Kb
Release: 10 Oct 2005
Update: 24 Dec 2005
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Brand:Elo TouchSystems, Product:Monitors, Model: TouchSystemsOS: Linux. Elo TouchSystems Monitor Driver USB/Serial Linux was collected from Elo TouchSystems official site for Elo TouchSystems Monitors. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Elo TouchSystems are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Elo TouchSystems page.
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Files in Driver Package
2Linux/Calibration Utilities/
3Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/
4Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/blank3.xpm 1.2Kb
5Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/cross3.xpm 15.6Kb
6Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/elocalX 80Kb
7Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/elocalX.c 91Kb
8Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/EloX.conf 238b
9Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/Linux Public Driver Calibration Instructions.doc 47Kb
10Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/Makefile.elocalX 102b
11Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/star3.xpm 2.2Kb
12Linux/Calibration Utilities/ElocalX_1.00/ 2.8Kb
13Linux/Calibration Utilities/touchcal_0.1/
14Linux/Calibration Utilities/touchcal_0.1/Copyright 17.9Kb
15Linux/Calibration Utilities/touchcal_0.1/Makefile 54b
16Linux/Calibration Utilities/touchcal_0.1/README 3.2Kb
17Linux/Calibration Utilities/touchcal_0.1/touchcal.c 10.9Kb
18Linux/read_me_first.rtf 17.7Kb
19Linux/Serial touchscreen driver/
20Linux/Serial touchscreen driver/Elographics_drv.o 12.3Kb
21Linux/Serial touchscreen driver/Linux public driver installation.doc 38Kb
22Linux/Serial touchscreen driver/readme.txt 9.3Kb
23Linux/Serial touchscreen driver/xf86Elo.c 49.5Kb
24Linux/USB touchscreen driver/
25Linux/USB touchscreen driver/elo_memory.h 1.3Kb
26Linux/USB touchscreen driver/elousb.c 18.1Kb
27Linux/USB touchscreen driver/elousb.h 5.5Kb
28Linux/USB touchscreen driver/elousb.o 9.2Kb
29Linux/USB touchscreen driver/elousb_drv.o 9.3Kb
30Linux/USB touchscreen driver/Imakefile 721b
31Linux/USB touchscreen driver/Linux USB public driver installation instructions.doc 25.5Kb
32Linux/USB touchscreen driver/Makefile 24.3Kb
33Linux/USB touchscreen driver/USB_Driver_old_kernel/
34Linux/USB touchscreen driver/USB_Driver_old_kernel/MAKEELOUSB 862b
35Linux/USB touchscreen driver/USB_Driver_old_kernel/README.xf86EloUsb 3.8Kb
36Linux/USB touchscreen driver/USB_Driver_old_kernel/xf86EloUsb.c 22.7Kb
37Linux/USB touchscreen driver/USB_Driver_old_kernel/ 15.8Kb
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Driver Summary
Elo TouchSystems Monitor Driver USB/Serial Linux. General Public License (GPL) drivers and applications for serial/USB-based Elo touchmonitors and controllers. Includes source code and example calibration programs. Elo is not responsible for support of GPL software.
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