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Sony Intellisync Lite Utility

Category:PDA and Mobile
OS: Palm OS
Version: v4.00.00 Build 422.77_42
File Size: 6.28 Mb
Release: 7 May 2004
Update: 29 Sep 2005
Filename: intellisynclite_u42277_42.exe
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Brand:Sony, Product:PDA and Mobile, Model: CLIE, Utility: v4.00.00 Build 422.77_42, OS: Palm OS. Sony CLIE Intellisync Lite v4.00.00 Build 422.77_42 was collected from Sony official site for Sony PDA and Mobile. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Sony are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Sony page.
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Files in Driver Package
   Date      Time    Attr         Size   Compressed  Name
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
2004-03-10 16:03:38 ....A          375               /DISK1/DISK1.ID
2004-03-10 16:03:46 ....A        91539               /DISK1/HOTSYNC.z
2004-03-10 16:05:22 ....A         2602               /DISK1/pil40.tsf
2004-03-10 16:05:24 ....A         7697               /DISK1/readme.txt
2004-03-10 16:05:26 ....A        44928               /DISK1/setup.exe
2004-03-10 16:04:08 ....A       171392               /DISK1/SETUP.INS
2004-03-10 16:05:28 ....A         1731               /DISK1/setup.pkg
2004-03-10 16:06:16 ....A       363325               /DISK1/system.1
2004-03-10 16:04:38 ....A       320276               /DISK1/_INST32I.EX_
2004-03-10 16:04:46 ....A         8192               /DISK1/_isdel.exe
2004-03-10 16:04:40 ....A         6128               /DISK1/_SETUP.DLL
2004-03-10 16:05:20 ....A       415377               /DISK1/_setup.lib
2004-03-10 16:06:20 ....A          375               /DISK2/DISK2.ID
2004-03-10 16:07:48 ....A      1098899               /DISK2/program.1
2004-03-10 16:08:14 ....A       333232               /DISK2/system.2
2004-03-10 16:08:18 ....A          375               /DISK3/DISK3.ID
2004-03-10 16:10:06 ....A      1432908               /DISK3/program.2
2004-03-10 16:10:12 ....A          375               /DISK4/DISK4.ID
2004-03-10 16:10:36 ....A       147643               /DISK4/Oasis.1
2004-03-10 16:12:10 ....A      1281486               /DISK4/program.3
2004-03-10 16:12:16 ....A          375               /DISK5/DISK5.ID
2004-03-10 16:12:28 ....A        22556               /DISK5/ln50.z
2004-03-10 16:12:30 ....A        23252               /DISK5/lnotes.z
2004-03-10 16:12:44 ....A       176736               /DISK5/lorg6.z
2004-03-10 16:12:20 ....A        42628               /DISK5/Oasis.2
2004-03-10 16:13:44 ....A       579625               /DISK5/outlook.z
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
                               6574027      6589569  26 files, 0 folders
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Utility Summary
Sony CLIE Intellisync Lite v4.00.00 Build 422.77_42.

This program updates the Intellisync Lite program and resolves the following issues:

  • The ability to set date ranges is missing in the To Do List and Date Book advanced configuration.
  • Recurring date book events are unintentionally deleted.

    Important Notes:

  • This download file is large, 6.28MB. Make sure you have adequate space on your PC to save the download file.
  • This update applies only to users who synchronize their CLI¨¦? handheld with Microsoft Outlook 2003, and does not apply to users who sync their CLI¨¦ handheld with Palm Desktop for CLI¨¦, Lotus Organizer, or versions of Microsoft Outlook applications preceding Outlook 2003.
  • Make sure Microsoft Outlook 2003 software is installed on your PC and has been started at least once.
  • Make sure that Palm Desktop for CLI¨¦ and Intellisync Lite are both installed on your PC from the installation CD-ROM supplied with your CLI¨¦ handheld.
  • Confirm that the PC is configured to be able to perform a HotSync? operation. (For detailed information about HotSync operation, refer to the CLI¨¦ handheld Read This First manual.)
  • To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications before proceeding.
  • It is highly recommended to print out these instructions as a reference during the installation process.

    Supported Models: PEG-N610C, PEG-N710C, PEG-N760C, PEG-NR70, PEG-NR70V, PEG-NX60, PEG-NX70V, PEG-NX73V, PEG-NX80V, PEG-NZ90, PEG-S300, PEG-S320, PEG-S360, PEG-SJ20, PEG-SJ22, PEG-SJ30, PEG-SJ33, PEG-SL10, PEG-T415, PEG-T615C, PEG-T665C, PEG-TG50, PEG-TH55, PEG-TJ25, PEG-TJ27, PEG-TJ35, PEG-TJ37, PEG-UX40, PEG-UX50.

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