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Utility Brief Information
Vendor:Fujitsu Siemens
Category:PDA and Mobile
OS: Windows Mobile 2003
Version: P22452-P929-V552 1.00
File Size: 15.5 Mb
Release: 11 Feb 2004
Update: 25 Sep 2005
Filename: fsc_1002163.exe
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Brand:Fujitsu Siemens, Product:PDA and Mobile, Model: Pocket LOOX 610, Utility: P22452-P929-V552 1.00, OS: Windows Mobile 2003. Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 610 Flash Update GB P22452-P929-V552 1.00 PPC2003 was collected from Fujitsu Siemens official site for Fujitsu Siemens PDA and Mobile. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Fujitsu Siemens are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Fujitsu Siemens page.
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Utility Summary
Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 610 Flash Update GB P22452-P929-V552 1.00 PPC2003.


  • No other USB device should be connected.
  • If using USB, the Pocket LOOX needs to be connected to the computers USB port directly, do not use a USB hub.
  • This update replaces the current Flash Image of the Pocket LOOX. All data on the device will be deleted.
  • Do not use Active Sync to backup and restore your data. A backup created on a device with the old Flash Image will overwrite important files on the device with the new Flash Image. This could lead to unforeseeable behaviour of the device.


  • Before the update, synchronise your Pocket LOOX with the host PC so all PIM (personal information manager) data (appointments, addresses etc.) is available in Outlook.
  • Copy all personal files (word documents, Excel files, MP3 etc.) to the host PC using the Explore function of Active Sync.
  • Make a note of all user settings in the Pocket LOOX (connection data etc.).
  • Make sure you have the original installation files of all programs installed on the Pocket LOOX.
  • Start the update utility. Do not connect the Pocket LOOX until the program tells you to.
  • Make sure the Pocket LOOX is connected to AC power. Make sure the PC is connected to AC power and cannot go into power save mode.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After the update has ended successfully, restart Active Sync manually.
  • With the Pocket LOOX disconnected, delete the old partnership under File, Delete Partnership, but if asked to delete the Synchronised Files, click No.
  • Connect the Pocket LOOX to the host PC. Active Sync will now offer a new partnership. Enter a name for the partnership.
  • When the new partnership is set, all PIM data will be synchronised with the Pocket LOOX.
  • Copy all personal files back to your Pocket LOOX using the Explore function of Active Sync.
  • Reinstall all user installed programs. Either by using the original installation files or by using Active Sync, Tools, Add/Remove Programs.

    Please use only the Explorer Function of ActiveSync to save your data and do not use the Backup Function. Background: Microsoft Active Sync Backup is only able to save and restore data on the SAME basic software. Since the basic software is updated completely, it is NOT possible to restore the data saved with ActiveSync Backup (ATTENTION: DATA LEAKAGE). The registry is also flashed back to the previous software level with Backup.

    Installation Steps: Don't connect the Pocket LOOX to your system! Start the Pocket LOOX610_ FlashUpdateP22452-P929-V1xx.exe in the same language selection, which has already been installed on your Pocket LOOX. Follow the installation instructions that will be displayed on the screen. Read this first: Installation Help.

    Pocket LOOX 610 Flash Image Update (V5xx) Major Changes. The updated Flash Image integrates the following changes:

  • AKU1 integration.
  • .NET CF: Updated .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1.
  • Shell: File Explorer will not crash if the location it was exploring is removed.
  • Security: M2M certificates included in the Privileged root store.
  • Security: GeoTrust SSL certificates included in root certificate store.
  • Reader: DRM enhancement.
  • Homescreen: Updated Splash screen to include the new Windows Mobile brand.
  • Contacts: removed default birthday and anniversary dates in contacts.
  • Connections Pocket LOOX 610 BT: CF WLAN card runs properly.
  • Connections: Wireless networks can support an SSID that has 32 characters.
  • Connections: Zero Configuration uses the correct WEP key for the connection.
  • Connection Manager: PPP Authentications succeeds when renegotiating CHAP authorization on LAC/CHAP LNS/CHAP extended networks.
  • ActiveSync: A third party application will no longer cause inadvertent deletion of contact database during a sync.

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