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Fujitsu Siemens Easy2Connect Utility

Vendor:Fujitsu Siemens
Category:PDA and Mobile
OS: Windows Mobile 2003
Version: 2.08 WM2003
File Size: 662 Kb
Release: 25 Jan 2005
Update: 25 Sep 2005
Filename: fsc_1003063.exe
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Brand:Fujitsu Siemens, Product:PDA and Mobile, Model: Pocket LOOX 600, Utility: 2.08 WM2003, OS: Windows Mobile 2003. Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 600/610 Easy2Connect 2.08 WM2003 was collected from Fujitsu Siemens official site for Fujitsu Siemens PDA and Mobile. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Fujitsu Siemens are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Fujitsu Siemens page.
Files in Driver Package
   Date      Time    Attr         Size   Compressed  Name
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
1999-06-12 06:05:21 .....         1856         2048  .text
                    .....          766          744  .rsrc/ICON/1.ico
                    .....          326          304  .rsrc/ICON/2.ico
                    .....           34           34  .rsrc/GROUP_ICON/143
                    .....         8967         8967  .rsrc/99/1
                    .....       664189       664189  .rsrc/99/2
1999-06-12 06:05:21 .....         1271         1271  .rsrc_1
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------  ------------------------
                                677409       677557  7 files, 0 folders
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Utility Summary
Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 600/610 Easy2Connect 2.08 WM2003 (30 days testing version).

Easy2Connect (30 days testing version) for WM2003

  • facilitates the installation of a network connection with Pocket LOOX and FSC PDA succeeding products.
  • supports different kinds of network connections via the connection manager of the Pocket PC 2002/ WM2003.
  • an interactive user interface helps you to detect the right connection type (Dial-In, GPRS, FSC GPRS-CF-Karte, WLAN, UMTS).
  • support of the Certicom VPN client.
  • support of RSA hard- and softtoken.
  • easy integration and application due to dynamic configuration files.
  • thorough support of Icomers' Seamless Connectivity Solution. The reasonably prised software Easy2Connect can be ordered from any FSC partner worldwide ! You can find the corresponding partner list under the following link: Order number: FSP:EASY2CONNECT.
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