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3DFX X3dfx Utility

Category:Graphics and Video
OS: Windows 2000
Version: 1.08.00 Beta(1.1 fixed)
File Size: 2 MB
Release: 29 Aug 2001
Update: 30 Jan 2004
Download Instruction
Brand:3DFX, Product:Graphics and Video, Model: Voodoo 4, Utility: 1.08.00 Beta(1.1 fixed), OS: Windows 2000. 3dfx Voodoo 4/5 X3dfx 1.08.00 Beta(1.1 fixed) Win2000 was collected from 3DFX official site for 3DFX Graphics and Video. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from 3DFX are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my 3DFX page.
Files in Driver Package
2driver2k/3dfx16vs.drv 432.4Kb
3driver2k/3dfx32vs.dll 1.2Mb
4driver2k/3dfxdrv.ini 545b
5driver2k/3dfxis16.DLL 19.1Kb
6driver2k/3dfxis32.DLL 16Kb
7driver2k/3dfxOGL.dll 1Mb
8driver2k/3DfxSpl2.dll 1.1Mb
9driver2k/3DfxSpl3.dll 1.1Mb
10driver2k/3dfxvs.dll 532.5Kb
11driver2k/ 10.3Kb
12driver2k/3dfxvsm.sys 165.9Kb
13driver2k/glide2x.dll 247.5Kb
14driver2k/glide2x.ovl 253.9Kb
15driver2k/glide3x.dll 340Kb
16driver2k/license.txt 5.7Kb
17driver2k/Vgartd.vxd 24.5Kb
18driver2k/Voodoo3.inf 59Kb
19driver2k/Voodoo5.inf 65.2Kb
20overclock.exe 60Kb
21team_readme.txt 7.7Kb
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Utility Summary
3dfx Voodoo 4/5 Display Driver X3dfx 1.08.00 Beta Version (1.1 fixed Version)For Windows 2000. This Version :Force Overclock Capability,Force Glide Refresh rate,Enhance With OpenGl/Glide:Zculling,Enviroment Anti Aliasing,FORCE MMX,Voodoo Rush Emulation,Guardband clipping,Bump Map Size,Enviroment Bump Mapping,Invisible Walls,Pixel Clock Rendering,Zcull Far,Zcull Near,FSAA (FIXED),FSAA JITTER ,AADEMOKEY,Force with D3d:Enviroment Anti Aliasing,Guardband Glipping,3d Studio Plugin,Frame Buffer Swaping,Iteration Banding,L-Delay,Pixel Blending,STacceleration,Trilinear Texture Filtering,Triple Buffering,FSAA (FIXED),FSAA JITTER ,AADEMOKEY.
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