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C-Media HD Audio Driver

Category:Audio and Sound
OS: Windows Vista(32/64)
Version: 8.17.93
File Size: 7.32 Mb
Release: 6 May 2011
Update: 19 Aug 2011
Filename: pci-8788-110301-
Download Instruction
Brand:C-Media, Product:Audio and Sound, Model: CMI8788, Driver: 8.17.93, OS: Windows Vista(32/64). C-Media CMI8788 HD Audio Driver 8.17.93 Windows Vista(32/64) was collected from C-Media official site for C-Media Audio and Sound. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from C-Media are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my C-Media page.
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Files in Driver Package
2PCI-8788-110301- 97.3Kb
3PCI-8788-110301- 47b
4PCI-8788-110301- 3.7Kb
5PCI-8788-110301- 63b
6PCI-8788-110301- 44Kb
8PCI-8788-110301- 548Kb
9PCI-8788-110301- 785.5Kb
10PCI-8788-110301- 56Kb
11PCI-8788-110301- 64Kb
12PCI-8788-110301- 50Kb
13PCI-8788-110301- 70.5Kb
14PCI-8788-110301- 140Kb
15PCI-8788-110301- 204Kb
16PCI-8788-110301- 296Kb
17PCI-8788-110301- 351Kb
18PCI-8788-110301- 312.5Kb
19PCI-8788-110301- 512.5Kb
20PCI-8788-110301- 32Kb
23PCI-8788-110301- 296Kb
24PCI-8788-110301- 54b
25PCI-8788-110301- 472Kb
26PCI-8788-110301- 59b
27PCI-8788-110301- 8.4Mb
28PCI-8788-110301- 380Kb
29PCI-8788-110301- 196Kb
30PCI-8788-110301- 196Kb
31PCI-8788-110301- 275.5Kb
32PCI-8788-110301- 212Kb
33PCI-8788-110301- 119Kb
34PCI-8788-110301- 140Kb
36PCI-8788-110301- 308Kb
37PCI-8788-110301- 15.9Kb
38PCI-8788-110301- 14.7Kb
39PCI-8788-110301- 15Kb
40PCI-8788-110301- 14.9Kb
41PCI-8788-110301- 15.4Kb
42PCI-8788-110301- 14.7Kb
43PCI-8788-110301- 13.7Kb
44PCI-8788-110301- 14.9Kb
45PCI-8788-110301- 14.9Kb
46PCI-8788-110301- 18.6Kb
47PCI-8788-110301- 32Kb
48PCI-8788-110301- 1.4Mb
49PCI-8788-110301- 18.5Kb
50PCI-8788-110301- 1.2Mb
52PCI-8788-110301- 2.5Kb
54PCI-8788-110301- 1.1Mb
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Driver Summary
C-Media CMI8788 HD Audio Driver 8.17.93 Windows Vista(32/64).
Driver Support Models
The driver can be applied to the following product models:
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