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D-Link Modem Driver

OS: Windows 98
File Size: 1.87 Mb
Release: 30 Jun 2003
Update: 30 Mar 2004
Download Instruction
Brand:D-Link, Product:Modem, Model: DFM-562ISOS: Windows 98. D-link DFM-562IS Modem Driver Windows 98 was collected from D-Link official site for D-Link Modem. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from D-Link are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my D-Link page.
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Files in Driver Package
2Win98/ 27b
3Win98/ACRCST9.inf 2.9Kb
4Win98/ 27b
5Win98/ACRCSTw.inf 1.8Kb
6Win98/ 27b
7Win98/ACRCSTx.inf 33.8Kb
8Win98/AMOS.VXD 189.3Kb
9Win98/BASIC2.VXD 93.8Kb
10Win98/CARPDLL.DLL 64Kb
11Win98/carpserv.exe 4.5Kb
12Win98/CNXCRC.cty 270Kb
13Win98/FALLBACK.VXD 340.3Kb
14Win98/FAX.VXD 240.8Kb
15Win98/FSKS.VXD 148.3Kb
16Win98/hcfcsa.dll 159.1Kb
17Win98/hcfcsa32.dll 140.5Kb
18Win98/hcfpnp.vxd 18.6Kb
19Win98/hcfreadr.dll 164Kb
20Win98/HXFSetup.exe 468Kb
21Win98/k56.vxd 437.8Kb
22Win98/MdmXSdk.dll 68Kb
23Win98/MDMXSDK.VXD 12.7Kb
24Win98/modctrl.dll 156.1Kb
25Win98/modctrl.vxd 14.8Kb
26Win98/rksample.vxd 70.3Kb
27Win98/ROKKMOSD.VXD 16.7Kb
28Win98/rokv42.vxd 105.6Kb
29Win98/SOAR.VXD 50.8Kb
30Win98/spkphone.vxd 101.8Kb
31Win98/STRMDISP.SYS 21.6Kb
32Win98/TONES.VXD 87.8Kb
33Win98/turbovbf.vxd 10.4Kb
34Win98/turbovcd.vxd 15Kb
35Win98/V124.VXD 561.8Kb
36Win98/win95ac.vxd 729.1Kb
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Driver Summary
D-link DFM-562IS Modem Driver Windows 98
Driver Support Models
The driver can be applied to the following product models:
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