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ASUS BlueTooth Driver

OS: Windows XP
Version: 4.00.38
File Size: 27.24 MB
Release: 31 Aug 2006
Update: 24 Jun 2011
Download Instruction
Brand:ASUS, Product:Notebook, Model: A8 A8Fm, Z99Fm, Driver: 4.00.38, OS: Windows XP. ASUS Z99Fm BlueTooth Driver V4.00.38 Windows XP was collected from ASUS official site for ASUS Notebook. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from ASUS are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server,, or Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my ASUS page.
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Files in Driver Package
10x0404.ini 3.7Kb
20x0406.ini 5.6Kb
30x0407.ini 6.1Kb
40x0408.ini 6.4Kb
50x0409.ini 5.4Kb
60x040a.ini 6.1Kb
70x040b.ini 5.5Kb
80x040c.ini 6.2Kb
90x0410.ini 6Kb
100x0411.ini 5.7Kb
110x0412.ini 4.9Kb
120x0413.ini 5.9Kb
130x0414.ini 5.6Kb
140x0415.ini 5.7Kb
150x0416.ini 5.8Kb
160x0419.ini 5.6Kb
170x041d.ini 5.4Kb
180x0804.ini 3.8Kb
190x0816.ini 5.9Kb
201028.mst 45Kb
211030.mst 51.5Kb
221031.mst 58Kb
231032.mst 52Kb
241033.mst 3.5Kb
251034.mst 55Kb
261035.mst 51.5Kb
271036.mst 57.5Kb
281040.mst 56.5Kb
291041.mst 63.5Kb
301042.mst 65.5Kb
311043.mst 55.5Kb
321044.mst 51Kb
331045.mst 60.5Kb
341046.mst 54Kb
351049.mst 65.5Kb
361053.mst 51.5Kb
372052.mst 57Kb
382070.mst 48.5Kb
39BtSwInst.msi 435Kb 917.4Kb 901.8Kb 930.2Kb 946Kb 1004.7Kb 918.8Kb 963.5Kb 968.5Kb 953.5Kb 1003.4Kb 990.4Kb 978.7Kb 1006.5Kb 1013.9Kb 1006.8Kb 992.5Kb 957Kb 928.6Kb 970.4Kb 8Mb
60Program Files/
61Program Files/Toshiba/
62Program Files/Toshiba/Bluetooth Toshiba Stack/
63Program Files/Toshiba/Bluetooth Toshiba Stack/AS.ini 2.3Kb
64Program Files/Toshiba/Bluetooth Toshiba Stack/TosBtUtl.DAT 2.1Kb
65Program Files/Toshiba/Bluetooth Toshiba Stack/TosBtUtl.ini 236b
66setup.exe 248Kb
67Setup.ini 1.9Kb
70Windows/inf/tosrfusb.inf 19Kb
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Driver Summary
ASUS Z99Fm BlueTooth Driver V4.00.38 Windows XP
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