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29 Sep 2022
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Advanced User Guide
Brother MFC-8950DW Advanced User Guide

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  • Advanced UserĂ¢€™s Guide MFC-8950DW/MFC-8950DWT

    • User's Guides and where do I find them?
    • Table of Contents
    • 1 General Setup
      • Memory storage
      • Automatic Daylight Saving Time
      • Ecology features
        • Toner Save
        • Sleep Time
        • Deep Sleep mode
      • Quiet mode feature
        • Quiet mode
      • LCD screen
        • Setting the backlight brightness
        • Setting the Dim Timer for the backlight
    • 2 Security features
      • Secure Function Lock 2.0
        • Setting and changing the Administrator Password
          • Setting up the password
          • Changing the password
        • Setting up and changing the Public user mode
        • Setting up and changing restricted users
          • Setting up restricted users
          • Changing user name, password or settings for restricted users
          • Reset existing restricted users
        • Turning Secure Function Lock on/off
        • Switching Users
      • Setting Lock
        • Setting up the password
        • Changing your Setting Lock password
        • Turning Setting Lock on/off
      • Restricting dialling
        • Dial pad restriction
        • One Touch restriction
        • Speed Dial restriction
        • LDAP server restriction
    • 3 Sending a fax
      • Additional sending options
        • Sending faxes using multiple settings
        • Changing a 2-sided fax layout
        • Contrast
        • Changing Fax Resolution
      • Additional sending operations
        • Sending a fax manually
          • Manual transmission
        • Dual access
        • Broadcasting
          • Before you begin the broadcast
          • How to broadcast a fax
          • Cancelling a Broadcast in progress
        • Real Time Transmission
        • Overseas Mode
        • Delayed Fax
        • Delayed batch transmission
        • Checking and cancelling waiting jobs
        • Setting your changes as the new default
        • Restoring all fax settings to the factory settings
        • Electronic cover page
          • Composing your own comments
          • Send a cover page for all faxes
          • Using a printed cover page
        • Destination Display
      • Polling overview
        • Polled transmit
          • Setup for polled transmit
          • Setup for polled transmit with a secure code
    • 4 Receiving a fax
      • Remote Fax Options
        • Fax Forwarding
        • Fax Storage
        • Changing Remote Fax Options
          • Turning off Remote Fax Options
        • Remote retrieval
          • Setting a Remote Access Code
          • Using your Remote Access Code
          • Retrieving fax messages
          • Changing the Fax Forwarding number
        • Remote fax commands
      • Additional receiving operations
        • Printing a reduced incoming fax
        • Duplex (2-sided) printing for Fax mode
        • Setting the Fax Receive Stamp
        • Setting the Print Density
        • Printing a fax from the memory
        • Out of Paper Reception
      • Polling overview
        • Polling receive
          • Secure polling
          • Delayed polling
          • Sequential polling
          • Stop Polling
          • Cancelling a Sequential Polling Job
    • 5 Dialling and storing numbers
      • Telephone line services
        • BT Call Sign (U.K. only)
          • To enable the machine to work with BT Call Sign
      • Additional dialling operations
        • Combining quick dial numbers
      • Additional ways to store numbers
        • Setting up Groups for Broadcasting
        • Options for Setting Up Groups
        • Changing Group numbers
        • Deleting Group numbers
    • 6 Printing reports
      • Fax reports
        • Transmission Verification Report
        • Fax Journal (Activity Report)
      • Reports
        • How to print a report
    • 7 Making copies
      • Copy settings
        • Stop copying
        • Improving copy quality
        • Enlarging or reducing the image copied
        • Duplex (2-sided) Copying
        • Tray selection
        • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
          • Brightness
          • Contrast
        • Sorting copies
        • Making N in 1 copies (page layout)
          • If you are copying from the ADF:
          • If you are copying from the scanner glass:
        • 2 in 1 ID Copy
        • Setting your changes as the new default
        • Restoring all copy settings to the factory settings
        • Setting your favourites
          • Retrieving your favourite setting
          • Rename your favourite setting
    • A Routine maintenance
      • Cleaning and checking the machine
        • Checking the Page Counters
        • Checking the remaining life of parts
      • Replacing periodic maintenance parts
      • Packing and shipping the machine
    • B Options
      • Optional paper tray (LT-5400)
      • Memory board
        • SO-DIMM Types
        • Installing extra memory
    • C Glossary
    • Index