Download ESS Technology ES1989 Allegro Sound Card Driver

Download Driver for ESS Technology 2 models .

Driver Brief Information

Windows 98SE
1.7 Mb
updated time
20 May 2004
ESS Technology
Audio and Sound
2 models
file format
PDF Document
Sound Card Driver
ESS Sound Card ES1989 Allegro/ ES1930 WDM Driver 1136 Windows 98SE

Driver Remark

ESS Sound Card ES1989 Allegro/ ES1930 Driver 1136 Windows 98SE was presented for free download to install, add, update, setup ESS Technology Audio and Sound. please check the instruction manual published by your digital device manufacturer ESS Technology to confirm product model, operating system, driver version.

Download Instruction

The Driver was collected from ESS Technology official site. In order to ensure the right Driver download, A official Driver link from ESS Technology is listed at first. If the official Driver can not be downloaded, a copy of the official Driver can be provided at local download server.

Official Download

Zipinfo Download

1 Localize/ /td>
2 1.1 Mb/td>
3 ESSetup.exe 124.5 Kb/td>
4 17.2 Kb/td>
5 allegron.reg 176 b/td>
6 setup.inx 181.3 Kb/td>
7 ES198X.sys 259.4 Kb/td>
8 ikernel.ex_ 331.6 Kb/td>
9 Setup.ini 389 b/td>
10 data1.hdr 40.4 Kb/td>
11 layout.bin 441 b/td>
12 512 b/td>
13 Localize/A1CS.inf 61.7 Kb/td>
14 Localize/A1JP.inf 61.7 Kb/td>
15 Localize/A1CT.inf 61.7 Kb/td>
16 A1.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
17 Localize/A1.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
18 Localize/A1PO.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
19 Localize/A1IT.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
20 Localize/A1NO.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
21 Localize/A1KO.inf 61.8 Kb/td>
22 Localize/A1DK.inf 61.9 Kb/td>
23 Localize/A1PB.inf 61.9 Kb/td>
24 Localize/A1GR.inf 61.9 Kb/td>
25 Localize/A1NL.inf 61.9 Kb/td>
26 Localize/A1SU.inf 61.9 Kb/td>
27 Localize/A1SV.inf 62 Kb/td>
28 Localize/A1FR.inf 62 Kb/td>
29 Localize/A1SP.inf 62 Kb/td>
30 Localize/A1FC.inf 62 Kb/td>

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Appled Products

The Driver can be applied to the following product models:

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