Download iCAMView HCV91 Camera Firmware Firmware

Download Firmware for iCAMView 1 model .

Firmware Brief Information

iCAMView PRO is designed to function more towards Home Automation and not solely as a remote viewer.

The most notable physical difference on iCAMView PRO is the additional RS232 port, which allows it to connect to additional device to expand it's capabilities. These additional devices are used primarily to receive warning from smoke sensor or door/window sensors, monitor the environment or authenticate an identity before granting access.

The ability to connect to an add-on device makes this version unique. User can connect to these device to enable additional features.

In addition, the user can also connect the following items to one of the two USB ports;
  • 1.Wireless USB dongle to connect to a wireless access point.
  • 2.USB Flash for local storage.
  • 3.USB Hub to increase the number of USB ports available
  • 4.High resolution USB camera (1280x1024, require firmware upgrade)

  • iCAMView PRO Features (Hardware Model: HCV91)

    Additional features in iCAMView PRO:
  • Larger LCD display.
  • Plug & View in LAN or WAN (bypass Port Forwarding/NAT & DDNS setup)
  • Just plut a Wireless USB Dongle for wireless access! See list of compatible Wireless USB Dongle here.
  • Resolution supported: 160x120, 176x144, 320x240, 352x288, 640x480, 1024x768 and 1280x1200 (1024 & 1280 resolution require special camera and firmware upgrade.)
  • Support more then two USB devices (by adding a USB Hub)
  • ONE RS232 port for add-on device.
  • Advanced Motion Detection; continuous or scheduled.
  • Motion Tracking with a Pan-tilt camera using iMultiView.
  • Digital Pan/Tilt with a static camera.
  • Zoom to Custom Window or resize to update specific areas only.
  • Horizontal Scroll Bar to control digital zoom / resolution.

  • Features enabled with RS232 add-on:
  • Passive InfraRed ("PIR") sensor for accurate motion detection.
  • NetFeeler Mini for temperature and humidity reading. Add smoke, gas and up to 7 door/window security sensor.
  • Use with an Analog-Digital-Input-Output ("ADIO") adaptor for 8 channel Analog Input or up to 16 channel Digital Input / Output. *OEM only*
  • Biometric Sensor for finger print scanning. *OEM only*

  • Features enabled with USB add-on:
  • Use Wireless USB dongle to connect to a wireless access point.
  • Add USB Flash disk for local storage (with firmware upgrade).
  • Add USB Hub (with firmware upgrade).
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    11 Feb 2011
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    Camera Firmware
    iCAMView HCV91 Camera Firmware 3.4.CV91.0719. For Product Model No.: iCV-32, IP-17, IP-01b, IP-03, IP-07, IP-05L.

    BEFORE UPGRADING, goto your Web User Interface under "Information -> System Status" and check the following;

  • A.Your unit Hardware Version is: HCV91
  • B.Write down your units current Firmware Version. Select the latest firmware below that match the items in bold with your units current firmware.
  • C.Make sure you are using the latest iCAMView Utility to perform the upgrade.
  • Note: If your firmware has extra extension or is not listed here, please contact your reseller.

    To Upgrade your Firmware:

  • 1.Download the appropriate firmware.
  • 2.Unzip and place the .bin file on your desktop.
  • 3.Run the latest iCAMView Utility from a PC in the same LAN / network as the iCAMView server.
  • 4.Select your unit, click Upgrade Firmware. Wait for the process to complete, and click Cancel (i.e. done).

    Current Firmware Release Notes:

  • 1.NEW: Web User Interface reorganized. Left panel, no longer hides. Now classified into Information, Settings, Function, Maintenance.
  • 2.NEW: Default page now opens to "Image / Video"
  • 3.NEW: "Image / Video" page will display an instant image, or show snapshot @ 1 second interval, or run ActiveX / Java video. Image size can be changed here.
  • 4.NEW: Security Status & Security Settings page are no longer hidden as a marketing strategy.
  • 5.NEW: Settings
  • > Network. This is now divided into 3 tabs; Network, Wireless, PPPoE/Mobile Broadband. User can only select to logon using PPPoE or Mobile Broadband.
  • 6.NEW: Help icon changed and position relocated to be more prominent . Help content updated.
  • 7.NEW: Settings -> Email / FTP / SMS. This section is also divided into 3 tabs for clarity.
  • 8.NEW: Settings -> Email / FTP / SMS. SMS function is only applicable with availability of Mobile Broadband. This allows Event Notification to be sent as SMS (without picture)
  • 9.NEW: Motion Detection / Schedule Recording -> New UI for entering Periodic schedule.
  • 10.NEW: Maintenance page -> Upgrade/Reset: Information reorganized.
  • 11.NEW: For PDA phones, a new CGI page to display two images immediately. Use http:\\ip_address\pda2.cgi instead of http:\\ip_address\pda.cgi
  • 12.NEW: Support WPA wireless encryption
  • 13.NEW: Firmware now support compatible UVC USB cameras AND compatible USB 3G Modems!
  • 14.FIXED: Scheduling bug.
  • 15.FIXED: DNS server when in Manual mode may disappear.
  • 16.FIXED: Bugs in the USB disk page.
  • Driver Remark

    iCAMView HCV91 Camera Firmware 3.4.CV91.0719 was presented for free download to install, add, update, setup iCAMView Web Cam. please check the instruction manual published by your digital device manufacturer iCAMView to confirm product model, operating system, driver version.

    Download Instruction

    The Firmware was collected from iCAMView official site. In order to ensure the right Firmware download, A official Firmware link from iCAMView is listed at first. If the official Firmware can not be downloaded, a copy of the official Firmware can be provided at local download server.

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