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29 Sep 2022
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Basic User Guide
Brother MFC-8950DW Basic User Guide

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  • Basic User’s Guide MFC-8950DW/MFC-8950DWT

    • User's Guides and where do I find them?
    • Table of Contents
    • 1 General information
      • Using the documentation
        • Symbols and conventions used in the documentation
      • Accessing the Advanced User’s Guide, Software User’s Guide and Network User’s Guide
        • Viewing Documentation
          • Viewing Documentation (Windows®)
          • Viewing Documentation (Macintosh)
          • How to find Scanning instructions
      • How to access the User's Guides for Advanced Features
      • Accessing Brother Support (Windows®)
      • Accessing Brother Support (Macintosh)
      • Control panel overview
        • LCD Touchscreen
        • Basic Operations
      • Volume settings
        • Ring volume
        • Beeper volume
        • Speaker volume
    • 2 Loading paper
      • Loading paper and print media
        • Loading paper in the standard paper tray and the optional lower tray
          • Printing on plain paper, thin paper or recycled paper from Tray 1 and Tray 2
        • Loading paper in the multi-purpose tray (MP tray)
          • Printing on plain paper, thin paper, recycled paper and bond paper from the MP tray
          • Printing on thick paper, labels and envelopes from the MP tray
        • Unscannable and unprintable areas
      • Paper settings
        • Paper Size and Type
        • Tray Use in Copy mode
        • Tray Use in Fax mode
        • Tray Use in print mode
      • Acceptable paper and other print media
        • Recommended paper and print media
        • Type and size of paper
          • The names for the paper trays in the printer driver and this Guide are as follows:
          • Paper capacity of the paper trays
          • Recommended paper specifications
        • Handling and using special paper
          • Types of paper to avoid
          • Envelopes
          • Types of envelopes to avoid
          • Labels
          • Types of labels to avoid
    • 3 Loading documents
      • How to load documents
        • Using the automatic document feeder (ADF)
          • Document Sizes Supported
          • How to load documents
        • Using the scanner glass
          • Document Sizes Supported
          • How to load documents
    • 4 Sending a fax
      • How to send a fax
        • Faxing Letter, Legal or Folio size documents from the scanner glass
        • Cancelling a fax in process
        • Transmission Verification Report
    • 5 Receiving a fax
      • Receive modes
        • Choosing the receive mode
      • Using receive modes
        • Fax Only
        • Fax/Tel
        • Manual
        • External TAD
      • Receive Mode settings
        • Ring Delay
        • F/T Ring Time (Fax/Tel mode only)
        • Fax Detect
          • If Fax Detect is On:
          • If Fax Detect is Off:
    • 6 Using PC-FAX
      • How to use PC-FAX
        • PC-Fax Receive (For Windows® only)
        • PC-FAX Send
          • How to send a PC-FAX:
    • 7 Telephone and external devices
      • Telephone line services
        • Setting the telephone line type
          • PBX and TRANSFER
      • Connecting an external TAD
        • Connections
        • Recording an outgoing message (OGM)
        • Multi-line connections (PBX)
      • External and extension telephones
        • Connecting an external or extension telephone
        • Operation from external or extension telephones
          • If you answer a call and no one is on the line:
        • For Fax/Tel mode only
        • Using extension telephones (U.K. only)
        • Using a non-Brother cordless external handset
        • Using Remote Codes
          • Remote Activation Code
          • Remote Deactivation Code
          • Turning on the Remote Codes
          • Changing the Remote Codes
    • 8 Dialling and storing numbers
      • How to dial
        • Manual dialling
        • One Touch dialling
        • Speed dialling
        • Search
        • LDAP search
        • Fax redial
      • Storing numbers
        • Storing a pause
        • One Touch and Speed Dial Storage Options
        • Storing One Touch Dial numbers
        • Storing Speed Dial numbers
        • Changing or Deleting One Touch and Speed Dial numbers
    • 9 Making copies
      • How to copy
        • Stop copying
        • Copy settings
    • 10 Printing data from a USB Flash memory drive or digital camera supporting mass storage
      • Creating a PRN file for direct printing
      • Printing data directly from the USB Flash memory drive or digital camera supporting mass storage
        • Changing the default settings for direct print
    • 11 How to print from a computer
      • Printing a document
    • 12 How to scan to a computer
      • Scanning a document as a PDF file using ControlCenter4 (Windows®)
      • Changing the Scan button settings
        • Before scanning
        • Scan button settings
        • Scanning using the Scan button
    • A Routine maintenance
      • Replacing the consumable items
        • Replacing the toner cartridge
          • Toner Low
          • Replace Toner
          • Replacing the toner cartridge
        • Replacing the drum unit
          • Drum Error
          • Replace Parts Drum Unit
          • Drum Stop
          • Replacing the drum unit
      • Cleaning and Checking the machine
        • Cleaning the outside of the machine
        • Cleaning the scanner glass
        • Cleaning the corona wire
        • Cleaning the drum unit
        • Cleaning the paper pick-up rollers
    • B Troubleshooting
      • Identifying your problem
      • Error and maintenance messages
        • Transferring your faxes or Fax Journal report
          • Transferring faxes to another fax machine
          • Transferring faxes to your PC
          • Transferring the Fax Journal report to another fax machine
      • Document Jams
        • Document is jammed in the top of the ADF unit
        • Document is jammed under the document cover
        • Removing small documents jammed in the ADF
        • Document is jammed at the output tray
      • Paper Jams
        • Paper is jammed in the MP tray
        • Paper is jammed in paper tray 1 or tray 2
        • Paper is jammed at the back of the machine
        • Paper is jammed inside the machine
        • Paper is jammed in the duplex tray
      • If you are having difficulty with your machine
        • Setting Dial Tone detection
        • Telephone line interference / VoIP
      • Improving the print quality
      • Machine Information
        • Checking the Serial Number
        • Reset functions
        • How to reset the machine
    • C Menu and features
      • On-screen programming
        • Menu table
      • Menu and mode buttons
      • Menu table
      • Entering text
    • D Specifications
      • General
      • Document Size
      • Print media
      • Fax
      • Copy
      • Scanner
      • Printer
      • Interfaces
      • Direct Print feature
      • Computer requirements
      • Consumable items
      • Network (LAN)
    • Index